Lagoon 39 rig

The Lagoon 39 was originally presented to you with 2 different rig types :

– A standard rig with a shorter mast and a longer boom
– A rig projected as of the Essential equipment pack, namely a tall mast with a shorter boom.

After testing the boat with both rig configurations, we have decided to simplify our commercial offer by proposing only one rig for the boat. We finally settled with the designers and the spar manufacturer (Selden) to offer a mast in between the tall and short rigs originally projected. This new mast is now the standard configuration and no upgrade will be possible.

The sails areas are :

– Std mainsail : 38m² (409 sq ft)
– Self tacking genoa : 32m² (344 sq ft)
– Std upwind sail area : 70m² (753 sq ft)
– Suare top mainsail option : 44m² (473 sq ft)
– Code 0 option : 68m² (732 sq ft)