Lagoon 39

Our 2013 Lagoon 39 is one of the first in a new generation of Lagoon catamarans, with its bevelled vertical bows and deckhouse seemingly levitated above the deck, a central sailing rig for the upmost performance and ease of sail she will always make a striking first impression

Two 29hp engines make for excellent manoeuvring in and out of the marinas and a large sail area to peacefully power the boat effortlessly through the water

Spacious seating both inside and out, with wide gangways for access around the boat

Fully heated inside so even if there is a nip in the air you can be cosy inside with 360 degree panoramic views

Four spacious double cabins and two bathrooms

Lagoon 39

The boats tender a 2.9 meter aluminium rib with 15hp motor is easily deployable for a lunchtime stop, trip to the beach or just a little play time
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